Sidhu Moosewala’s 295 Becomes The Number 1 Song In Top 100 Songs Canada On Youtube

Sidhu Moosewala’s 295 Becomes The Number 1 Song In Top 100 Songs Canada On Youtube

1 week ago, Sidhu Moosewala dropped what was assumed to be one of the most awaited tracks of his career. When the tracklist of MooseTape came out, Sidhu’s friends, team and other artists who had heard the album had one thing to say, ‘295 is our favourite and we are waiting for it’. 

The song has been so loved by the fans that it has successfully climbed to the top of Top 100 Songs Canada Youtube Music Charts. It has grabbed the number 1 position on the list, implying that 295 is now the most popular song on youtube in Canada.

The song was the most awaited track of the album and when it officially dropped, everyone was blown away. Nobody expected Sidhu Moosewala to come so hard and write a song like that. We were expecting some guns and up-beat songs and Sidhu came out with one of the most beautiful and fierce tracks of his career. 

Every line of the song is a story of the current society. It is more of a mirror than a song, showing the world its true face. Even people who hate Sidhu or criticise him for the type of songs he brings in front of the audience, were blown away and couldn’t stop themselves from applauding to this absolute masterpiece by an equally valuable artist.

295 peaking the Top 100 Songs Canada chart is an answer to all those people who say you cannot get famous and achieve success by writing songs based on true facts and a message to the society. Artists have been heard saying that audience only listens to songs on guns, violence, alcohol and does not like to hear these bold songs, but 295 has proved that audience still has a love for such songs and will keep supporting artists who write for the society. 

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