Sidhu Moosewala Makes It To Billboard Global 200 Charts For The First Time Ever With “295”

Sidhu Moosewala has always been Punjabi Music Industry’s representative at the most prestigious Music Charts of the world, Billboard. This time, he has added another record to his and the industry’s name! Sidhu Moosewala has become the first ever Punjabi artist in the history, to make it to the Billboard Global 200 Chart.

Sidhu has been trending all over the world after he was shot dead on 29 May. Specifically his songs 295 and The Last Ride have been breaking international music charts. This time it’s “295” which has made history. The song has ranked 154th on the Billboard Global 200, making Sidhu Moosewala the first ever Punjabi artist and one of the handful Indian artists to ever achieve this feat.

Previously, Sidhu was featured on the Billboard Global Excl. US Chart for the first time ever, again making him the first ever Punjabi artist to do so. The artist might have left the world forever, but his music has made him immortal among his fans and the music world.

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The Punjabi Music Industry had never seen, and probably will never see, an artist of Sidhu Moosewala’s aura. His vocals, his writing, his aura and his personality made him an artist class apart from others. His death is one of the biggest losses the Punjabi Music Industry and the community has had to bear in the past few years.

Even after his death, the turban-wearing force is unstoppable on global music charts and is still representing Punjabi Music and the Punjabi community on a global stage! We cannot thank Sidhu Moosewala enough for his contributions to our music and the community.

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