Sidhu Moosewala’s Celebrity Killer, The First Punjabi Song To Be Produced By 6 Music Producers?

One of the most anticipated tracks of Sidhu Moosewala’s album MooseTape, Celebrity Killer will be released tomorrow. The song has the most features in any MooseTape song and this will be the closing track for the longest albums in Punjabi Music Industry ever.

The song will feature Tion Wayne, who is undoubtedly one of the top rappers of the UK. In addition to Tion collaboration, the track will feature 6 Music Producers working together to produce the music. Steel Banglez, who has previously worked with Sidhu for the song 47 and has also produced Invincible, Signed To God MooseTape tracks, will be one of them. The Kidd will obviously be on the music team.

In addition to the duo, M1 is going to be another big artist on the production team. He is by far one of the best UK drill artists and has produced the track ‘Only You Freestyle’ for Headie One and Drake. He has also been nominated for UK’s producer of the year for GRM Daily awards in 2021. 

Chris Rich Beats is the next big name on the team. He has also produced a track for Indian rapper Emiway Bantai named ‘Batista Bomb’. He was also nominated for the UK’s producer of the year for the GRM Daily Awards in 2021.

JB production will also be an important feature on the team. He co-produced Sidhu’s Signed To God alongside Steel Banglez and The Kidd. Another important feature will be A Singh, the producer who produced Sidhu’s ‘Flop Song’, which was a part of Sidhu’s last album Snitches Get Stitches but was removed later. 

The video of Celebrity Killer will be directed by Raf Sapera, who also directed Signed To God’s video. The hopes with the track are very high, after all it is the closing track of one of the biggest Punjabi music albums ever!

This might be the first-ever Punjabi track ever to be produced by 6 music producers. We have never heard a Punjabi song to have such a huge team of music producers behind it. Sidhu Moosewala is a record-breaker and he proves it again and again. 

Information Credit: The Sidhu Journal

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