Sidhu Moosewala’s latest AK 47 Controversy!

Tiktok is the fastest growing platform right now in India, that’s why most of the content there goes viral. The same happened with one video of Punjabi Superstar Sidhu Moosewala.

There is a video going viral, in which Punjab Police is seen teaching Sidhu how to fire a gun(AK47), and that too with the help of their official service weapons.

But helping Sidhu pursue his love for weapons, the 6 cops involved had to get suspended for the same.

Shot in Sangroor, this video has created difficulties for Sidhu and the involved policemen, as DGP, Dinakar Gupta has decided to take serious action and filed a case against them all because this case is not only related to illegal use of service weapons but also a violation of lockdown.

There are a total of 8 people involved in this case, including Sidhu. This is not the first time Sidhu has been highlighted for his controversial activity, but the fourth time is the year 2020. An NRI girl confronted him for threatening her, became his first controversy. The second was about the song Sidhu & Mankirat sang at home. And his online fight with Byg Byrd, for which Sidhu held a live session on Instagram too, is his third controversy of the year.

Well, concluding this all, we can just wait and measure what is Sidhu going to be more viral for this year, his songs, or controversies.


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