Sidhu To Aujla: Your Favourite Punjabi Celebrities As Facebook Reaction Emojis

Nobody can really describe the love and obsession of fans for their favorite celebrities. Hence we try our best to bring you all the latest updates of various Punjabi celebrities for you. 

But since the human mind tends to think weird stuff, we also, out of nowhere, wonder that what if our favorite Punjabi celebrities were Facebook Reaction?

If you’re an active user of Facebook you must already know that Facebook offers various reactions (like, love, care, laugh, wow, sad & angry) to react on the Facebook posts on your timeline.

Popular Punjabi Celebrities As Facebook Reaction Emojis

Sidhu Moose Wala

Dont be surprised if you see a emoji holding a black AK-47 because that might be the Facebook reaction of Sidhu Moose Wala. Is there anything that can suit him better? 


Jaani’s Facebook reaction would be as sweet as him. We might see him as an emoji holding his favourite pen. Guessing Jaani’s Facebook reaction was quite easy. No? 

Himanshi Khurana

The diva of the Punjabi Music & Film Industry will most probably hold a cup of hot-steaming tea if she was a Facebook reaction. She is really the biggest fan of chai we know. 

Sunny Malton

Who could forget his online dispute with Sidhu Moosewala? His Facebook reaction will definitely need a pack of Lassi by its side not only to keep his temper cool but also because ‘lassi badi swaad aa bro’.

Karan Aujla

We tried a lot but couldn’t ignore Karan Aujla’s obsession for Rims. Hence if Karan Aujla was a Facebook reaction, he might take nothing but a rim with him.

Sonam Bajwa

The social butterfly of Punjabi Industry; Sonam Bajwa undoubtedly is a fitness freak. How can she leave her dumbbells on her journey to become a Facebook reaction.

Sharry Maan

The way Sharry Maan’s song helps us recover from our Breakups, his Facebook reaction might also help us bear the social pain. If Sharry Maan was a Facebook reaction, he would hold a bottle. Bottle of what? Come on. You know it well.

We hope you enjoyed these punjabi celebrities as Facebook reactions. And let us know if you think of some other artist and what reaction he/she could be.

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