Sidhu to Singga: Here Are All The Ingredients Of Their Superhit Tracks

Punjabi Industry is lesser defined by Punjabi movies, but more by content and quality of songs. Not only Punjabis but currently the whole country is obsessed with Punjabi beats, music, songs, and singers of course. And this is why we thought of analyzing and measuring the content in the songs of the latest in-demand Punjabi celebrity singers.

Content Meter Of Your Favourite Punjabi Singers

Elly Mangat

Starting with the cool guy of the Pollywood Industry, Elly Mangat. His songs have been great hits of all time. And, here we have analyzed his songs and got to know the results, that his songs include girls, drugs and a lot more vailpuna. But still, his fans him and enjoy his songs to the fullest, and that’s what matters at last.


The popular and forever in demand rap star Bohemia has been the talk of the town so many times due to his songs.  His songs include a good balance and mix of Denali, gaddi, police & industry. His fans are crazy over him and his songs are usually played on repeat.

Hardeep Grewal

Hardeep Grewal’s songs are on the list, which includes content from other songs. We expect more original content from him, but not to ignore that his songs have a high vibe of motivation too. In fact, it feels like one would grab every opportunity and rock it if it listens to Hardeep Grewal on loop.


It feels like, Singga and his PR team are more into his promotions, rather than entertaining the public with logical and quality content. Here we mean no offense to Singga fans, but his songs are more off track and include lyrics leading in the world of imagination, and not to forget, his self-promotion is on the peak, “Singga boldan Veere”! :p

Sunny Malton

Sounds on! Because it feels like, Sunny Malton is really into second chances. Maybe that’s why his songs are more about, “ik vaari hor” than something more logical and entertaining. But still, he is able to engage his fans who love hip hop and modern beat songs.

Jass Manak

Jass Manak is the current talk of the town, not because of the engagement of his songs, but definitely, due to the controversies, he is dragged into. Keeping this in mind, we conclude Jass Manak’s songs are shopaholic, talking and talking about shopping in his every second song, and it won’t be wrong if we say, the leftover songs are anything Maninder Butter wrote.

Sidhu Moose Wala

It feels like Sidhu MooseWala is being a calm guy with great violence in his mind. Talking about his songs, they are more about guns and Range Rover. One more not to ignore is, he is so much into an obsession with himself, that he never forgets to dedicate a good part of his song to himself. Btw it’s not a bad idea way of self-promotion. No?

Karan Aujla

The current sensation of Punjabi Industry, stealing hearts of all the ladies out there, is none other than Karan Aujla. His songs are being great hits and people are getting more and more obsessed with them. The secret ingredient of his songs is an equal quantity of Akh & Naar. By the way, which song is your favorite?

Keeping the love and craze for Punjab music in mind, we look forward to much more original and quality content that entertains the same.

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