Sikander Kahlon Releases The Tracklist Of Upcoming Album ‘Mr. Friday, The 13th’

Sikander Kahlon Releases The Tracklist Of Upcoming Album ‘Mr. Friday, The 13th’

Sikander Kahlon has dropped another bomb after his recent album announcement. The rapper has officially announced the tracklist of his upcoming album ‘Mr. Friday, The 13th’. The album will have 9 songs in total and is set to be released on the 13th of August. Sikander made the tracklist public through a post on his Instagram.

Before announcing the tracklist, Sikander initially made the album announcement through a couple of Instagram stories on 11 August. He announced that he was going to drop an album on 13 August. In the follow-up story, he revealed the title of the album ‘MF13’.

Earlier in the day, after making the album announcement, Sikander took it to Instagram to share the poster of the album and reveal the full form of MF13. The 9-song album has been titled ‘Mr. Friday, The 13th’. It is Sikander Kahlon’s 14th mixtape/album and 17th project.

The release of the album falls on the 13th of August, Friday. The title and the day of the album release has an interesting story behind it. In the western culture, Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day. It happens when the thirteenth day of a month falls on Friday. For example, the 13th day of this August will fall on Friday. That’s why the album’s been named Mr.Friday The 13th.

With a number of artists involved in making of the album, MF13 is surely going to be a project to watch out for. Sikander’s raps have always been unique in a way from the rest of the industry. The rapper has been seen raising questions on social norms and society in general. Let’s wait and see what the rapper has up his sleeve this time. 

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