Sikh Gurmantar Allegedly Insulted By A Dutch Show, Ek Onkar Compared To Vulgar Line

An extremely disturbing clip has surfaced over social media showing a Dutch Talk Show allegedly showing Sikh Gurmantar being insulted on National Tv. The clip dates back to 6 January, 2022 and is from the Dutch Show, RTL4, which is one of the biggest media and Tv channels in Netherlands. 

Beau Van Erven Dorens decided to play an audio fragment of Satkirin Kaur Khalsa on his daily talk show. The audio fragment was actually ‘Mool Mantar’. The show aimed at entertaining their audience by showing them how the Gurmantar, Ek Onkar – Sat Gurprasad, sounded like a vulgar and sexual line in the Dutch Language.

The Dutch Line was, “Ik kom klaar, zet die hoer op u site”, which translates in english to, “I am c*mming (having an orgasm), put the wh*re on your site”. The clip was being played while Timur Perlin, creator of popular radio show “Mama Appelsap” , visited the channel.

According to the chat between them, they initially mention it as a ‘Buddhist Mantra’. Beau repeatedly says that it is a bit rancid to hear a Buddhist Mantra with these “vulgar lines” for minutes. This was, however, not the first time the clip was telecasted!

The whole segment was originally used in the radio show of Timur Perlin, almost a year ago! On the RTL4 talk show, Timur was asked about how the segment made it to ‘Mama Apple Juice’ a year ago. He answered that he received a call from a guy in Mexico who heard it while his girlfriend had Yoga music on. Marieka Elsinga, present at the show, asked Timur if he’d had some trouble with it earlier, who replied that he had trouble earlier too and even now, he is finding it difficult while it’s being broadcasted again, because it was a number sacred to the Sikh Religion.

The item during which the Sikh Mool Mantar was seemingly insulted and disgraced on National Tv, features various songs from languages other than Dutch, and then makes the listeners understand the song in Dutch language by finding in familiar elements from the lines.

When it was first played on Timur Perlin’s show, he was even confronted by a Dutch Sikh asking about the whole incident. Timur stated that ‘entertainment of the audience was more important to him than feelings of the Sikhs’. Beau Van Erven Dorens even said that the Sikh Community should not complain so much. He added that it is exaggerated that Sikhs have been offended by ‘just a joke’ made in the Mama Apple Juice Column.

Sources: Mediacourant & News Fox24

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