Apple & Android Devices To Soon Get A Sikh Khanda Emoji

The Apple and Android devices are soon expected to get an emoji update. And this time, among the many new emojis, ‘Khanda – a symbol of the Sikh faith’ is also going to be included in the update, as the latest reports suggest.

The Emoji update 15.0 is expected to introduce the Khanda emoji to both Apple and Android devices. The Khanda is the most sacred symbol in the Sikh Religion and is viewed as their recognition all around the world. The symbol is widely used in the religion and at their most sacred places.

Source: Emojipedia

17 July marks the World Emoji Day and the new emojis have been unveiled to mark the same day. In addition to the Khanda emoji, Apple and Android devices will also get a plain pink heart, a sky blue heart, a grey heart, a face emoji, a hand gesture emoji in different skin colours, some animals, a Wi-fi emoji and many more. They will be released in the month of September this year.

The Android and Apple Emoji collection already has turban-wearing people to recognize the Sikh Community and now, the introduction of the Khanda emoji is an example of how Sikh Community has gained global recognition. Being only 2% of the world population, they have established themselves in all parts of the world.

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