Sikh Females Snapped By American-Pakistani Photographer, Featured On Adobe

Sikh Models Snapped By American-Pakistani Photographer, Featured On Adobe

Some beautiful pictures taken by a photographer, who calls herself an American-Pakistani-Muslim photographer, Simrah Farrukh, got a feature on Adobe’s official instagram account. The photos of Simrah’s heritage also featured two Sikh females in one of the photographs. The Sikh Models earned a feature on Adobe’s recent instagram post. On the third slide of the post, you can see the Sikh females flaunting their traditional Sikh attires.

The females featured in Simrah’s photoshoot are Jaskirat Kaur and Sunroop Kaur. Jaskirat Kaur is a Fitness Enthusiast, an Archer and a Powerlifter by hobbies. She was snapped by Simrah Farrukh in a traditional Sikh Warrior attire.

Sunroop Kaur is a Mural painter from Stockton, California, US. Going through her instagram profile will introduce you to her artist side. You will be blown by the precision in her paintings. She was seen in the photograph by Simrah, on the back of a horse, in traditional Sikh Warrior attire, just like Jaskirat Kaur.

Simrah Farrukh, the photographer behind the beautiful picture, got the feature on Adobe for her captivating portraits of South Asian Women’s dreams and realities. According to Simrah, she and her art are inspired from the different aspects of her culture and heritage.

Her work always focuses on bringing out the realities and dreams of the South Asian Women through her pictures, just like her recent one that got a feature on Adobe. 

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