Sikh Uber Driver In Vancouver Gets Attacked By A Male Passenger; Smacks Driver In The Face

We have heard of the news where sometimes passengers get in trouble because of the taxi drivers, who ride them. But it is not so common to hear news like a rider getting unsettled due to the traveller’s behaviour. A recent incident from Canada has taken the spotlight due to a similar case where an uber driver was assaulted by a traveller riding in his car. 

An Uber driver in Metro Vancouver, Gurjot Singh Ranu, was taking a ride in Surrey early morning at around 6:30 when this incident happened. Singh Ranu picked up two riders in Surrey, B.C. on Sunday. According to the driver, they were drunk and were not even wearing face masks, when the virus was at its peak. 

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He said that he had some issues in getting the male passenger to provide some necessary information which included the PIN number, an OTP that the traveller has to tell to the driver before starting the ride, and a specific address where he was to be dropped off. At the time of pickup the location which was listed to the driver was just a street name as Burnaby, but not the exact address. 

“When I asked for that information, he got upset with me and started abusing & misbehaving with me so I said if you are gonna talk like that I will be unable to take your ride.”, Singh Ranu alleged.

He even added, “It was so shocking for me. I was so surprised that this happened to me. I’ve never heard or seen getting a physical assault in an Uber.”

The man further threatened to give the driver a poor rating and the driver even said that the ride had been filmed and recorded on a camera. After that the passenger was quiet for 15 to 16 minutes and when the driver dropped him off, he smacked him in the face directly and ran away after that. 

Singh Ranu also mentioned that he called 911 immediately after all this and an investigation has also been launched after the call. Ranu said that his nose is still sore from that strike and he has a doctor’s appointment later this week. 

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Gurjot SIngh Ranu has been an Uber driver on and off for the past three years and he said that while verbal abuse is common but this kind of incident was so shocking and happened for the first time with him. 

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