Simar Doraha Reacts To Blames Of Copying Composition Of ‘Paapi’ In His Song ‘Desperado’

Simar Doraha has been making headlines ever since he released his latest song, Desperado. The song has been loved by the fans and has garnered over 390k views on Youtube in a day. It has been sung, written and composed by Simar Doraha. But the reason why it’s hot, is not this. Simar Doraha has been facing blames of copying the composition of superhit Punjabi track ‘Paapi’.

Paapi was released in 2020 and was an instant hit. It featured Sidhu Moosewala alongside Rangrez Sidhu. The fans have been complaining that the composition of Simar Doraha’s Desperado sounds like Rangrez and Sidhu’s Paapi. 

Simar Doraha also came out with a reply. After facing immense backlash, the singer put up a statement in the form of an Instagram story. He wrote that he wants to tell all those people blaming him for copying, that he wrote and recorded this song 2.5 years ago. He also added that he sent the song to some of his close ones and it could be possible that somebody copied the composition from his dummy.

Simar further explained that all the singers create compositions around the same 4-5 ragas and it is possible for two artists to get the same idea. The artist ended the story by writing that he isn’t into giving explanations, rather he lets his work speak. 

Simar also uploaded a follow up story wherein he revealed that he had a surprise for his fans. The artist suggested his fans to not take music so seriously and just enjoy music.

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