Simar Doraha Shared His Personal Views About His Latest Song NASHA

Punjabi music artist Mansimar Singh popularly known as Simar Doraha is a renowned music composer and a fabulous singer. He has given us a score of songs that connect straight to our hearts and also make us shake a leg.

His latest song ‘Nasha’ written and voiced by Simar and music by Mix Singh, is already out and creating quite a buzz everywhere. While some fans are enjoying it a lot, there are a few who are not much happy with its theme i.e. drugs. 

If you haven’t listened to the song yet, here it is:

In response to several comments and messages who didn’t like the idea of promoting drugs, Doraha shared a reel and caption saying the song neither has any decent word nor any righteous message to convey.

The song has been released solely for entertainment purposes. Furthermore, he is accepting all the criticism for his last song and he vowing that from now onwards he will not surface any song which can influence youth and community to use intoxicants or have a negative impact on their impressionable minds.

He wrote,

“Main ik gal clear karda v ess geet ch main koi chaj di gal ni keeti na koi sedh diti a kise nu eh geet sirf te sirf entertainment layi kadya si je tuc ess geet piche menu gahlan v kadniyan chaho tan oh v kadd sakde o par main ess gal di gurranty laina v ajj toh baad eda da nashe patte te koi gana ni kadunga jihde ch ene nashe hon 🙏🏻🙏🏻”

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