Simar Doraha Shares A Heart Touching Note With His Audience

Mansimaran Singh famously known as Simar Doraha, is a famous punjabi lyricist, composer and singer. In february 2020, he gave his debut in singing with his song ‘Sharabi’ and since then there is only an upwards growth in his career.

To achieve a certain level of success, a man has to sacrifice a lot of things. While working hard for our dreams, we often forget to look back at the people who supported us all through our journey and these people are called ‘Family’. Realising this, Simar shared a very heart touching note and a special surprise video with his audience.

Expressing his emotions he shared that he came back to home after 2-3 months (since he was very busy because with his work) because a sudden thought hit him that made him realize that all this hard work and success is waste if we don’t get to spend time with the people for whom we are doing all this.

Check out the video where he is surprising his parents and read the caption here :

Further, he added that corona made him realize that life is too short to make plans for the future and instead do what makes you happy today. Nothing gives your parents more happiness than you giving them quality time and no amount of success can give you the satisfaction that comes from spending time with your parents.
We all need to value time and understand our parent’s importance over our careers.

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