Simba Nagpal Calls ‘Terrorist’ To Umar Riaz; Advise Him Not To Wear Surma

Simba Nagpal Calls ‘Terrorist’ To Umar Riaz; Advise Him Not To Wear Surma

Viewers of Bigg Boss 15  were in shock as in the recent live feed, they saw Simba Nagpal push Umar Riaz violently into the pool. Umar got saved as he fell straight into the water and suddenly had a breathing issue. Soon after the act, Ieshaan Sehgaal who was standing close to them condemned Simba’s act and rushed and told him that he was wrong.

Viewers are angry that nothing was said to Simba by Bigg Boss. They took to Twitter to express their disappointment and started the trend ‘Justice for Umar Riaz’. Not only this physical fight, Simba also slammed Simba for apparently calling Umar ‘aatankwadi’ (terrorist) during the tasks and advising him not to wear surma. “Teri aankhein badi innocent hain, jab tu task mein hota hai na toh aatankwadi lagta hai, Tu surma mat lagaya kar”

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Here’s how his near ones are lashing out at Simba on the internet.

Asim Riaz took to Twitter and extended support for his brother. 

Moreover, Asim’s girlfriend and punjabi actress-singer Himanshi Khurana also shows her back for Umar. 

The fight started when Umar Riaz abused Simba on his mother and the silent Simba became violent and pushed him into the pool. But, the audience are demanding justice for Umar and for Simba’s eviction from the show and they firmly believe if there’s no action taken on this incident, the show is proved to be a biased show towards the ratings. Simba and Umar’s fight surely gave birth to an outrage on social media.

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