Simi Chahal And Harish Verma Starrer ‘Kade Dade Diyan Kade Pote Diyan’ Trailer Releases, Fans Give It A Thumbs Up

The trailer of the much-awaited movie “Kade Dade Diyan Kade Pote Diyan” has finally been released under the banner of Vesta Wonder Motion Pictures & Ambarsariye Productions. One word for the whole concept is “It’s awesome”. With the unique storyline, never been on the screens till now, makers have stepped out to attract the audience and win their hearts. With the situational comedy, there is complete newness in the movie which will definitely take it on the path of success.

From the trailer itself, the audience started making the guesses about the complete story of the movie. Harish Verma and Simi Chahal are love birds in the movie. It took a twist when Dada Dadi of Harish and Simi died. Then a cross connection happens between Dada Dadi, Harish Verma and Simi Chahal. Simi Chahal used to see Harish Verma’s Dada and Harish Verma used to see Simi’s Dadi as a ghost. It is very exciting to see such stuff and the audience giving rounds of applause to makers and the concept behind it.

Now, the audience is waiting for the release of the movie to reveal what exactly will be the role played by Dada Dadi for Harish and Simi. Will they help both to get married or what kind of drama will happen. This can only be revealed when the audience will jump into the theatres to watch it. The poster of the movie was also very interesting connecting Harish Verma & Simi Chahal with B.N. Sharma & Jatinder Kaur as Kathputli has strings attached to each other.

Film Star Cast includes Harish Verma, Simi Chahal, B.N. Sharma, Jatinder Kaur, Sukhwinder Chahal, Anita Devgan, Dheeraj Kumar, Ashok Pathak, Sumit Gulati, Seema Kaushal, Parkash Gadhu, Neha Dayal, Kamaldeep Kaur and Gurpreet Kaur Bhangu. The film is produced by Jatinder Singh Lovely and co-produced by Dheeraj Kumar & Karan Sandhu. Laada Siyan Ghuman directed the movie, written by Dheeraj Kumar & Karan Sandhu and the background score given by Gurcharan Singh. Rhythm Boyz is going to release it worldwide on 14 July 2023.

Watch the trailer here:

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