Simi Chahal Commented On People Who Say Numbers Are Everything On Social Media

Simi Chahal Commented On People Who Say Numbers Are Everything On Social Media

Simi chahal’s humorous and charming personality wins everyone’s heart. Her glamorous pictures and videos on Instagram have made her talk of the town. But this time ‘Golak Bugni Bank te Batua’ actress has done something different. The actress posted a selfie of herself on Instagram, but it’s her caption that stands out. 

In the post, it seems that someone has told her about social media followers are everything these days, but she replied to them very beautifully and wrote, “My reaction when they say 

“Social Media numbers are everything these days” 

The Truth : Your body of work and the kind of human you ACTUALLY ARE (off the social media) is everything. If tomorrow your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc etc go up in thin air- its YOU and only you left behind. So always remember : it doesn’t matter if you are at 100, 1k , 100k , 1 Million, 10 Million or even 100 Million. They are just Apps

it’s all a sham. And this hoax race is never-ending!

BUT You! You will always be YOU- so all that effort you are putting in your “social media” looking great- put it in yourself, your work and the kind of human you REALLY are. Because trust me sooner or later; people will see your heart 

P.S. a Good heart is the ‘real Number’”

Further, this is not the first time she gave a message to her fans but before also someone slammed her for her diet and the actress replied to them with a wonderful message.

Talking about the professional front, punjabi actress Simi Chahal has appeared in Chal Mera putt and its sequel, Rab Da Radio, Manje Bistre and many others. 

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