Simi Chahal Expressed How Eagerly She Is Waiting For The Cinema To Resume

The global pandemic COVID-19 has made all of us crave for every little thing that we took for granted in the pre-Corona time. And the experience of watching movies in cinemas is one of them. We never knew one day we’d crave for something as usual as that.  

But do you know that we are not the only ones who are missing this experience but movie stars are also sailing in the same boat.

Simi Chahal who is a marvellous Punjabi actress shared her views about the same. 

She said she is wistful as it’s been a long time since cinemas are closed. After the demolition of the first wave, when situations seemed to get normal, there was hope for movie complexes but considering the present phase, conditions got worse. She said these longing can be managed until the surroundings become safe and all the civilians get vaccinated, it is better for people that the movie complex remains as it is. 

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Like everybody else, she is also hankering for cinemas, though individuals’ wellness status is far more important than any other stuff.

To reopen cinemas, we can also participate in it via getting vaccinated and staying at home to curb the horrifying situation. We hope we win the battle and everything returns to be the same, usual and normal once again.

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