Simi Chahal Gets Her Instagram Account Shadow Banned Again As She Supports Farmers’ Protest

Simi Chahal is one of such Punjabi artists who is constantly showing her support towards the ongoing farmers protest and the farmers who are day night fighting for their rights. Recently she also disclosed to Kiddaan that she denied 8 projects of Bollywood and Pollywood under the production house, Zee Studios and other Bollywood media houses too. 

We can see stories on her instagram handle of supporting farmers and speaking on their rights, everyday. And maybe this is the reason for her instagram account getting shadow banned and reach dropping by almost 70%. 

She claimed that Instagram has shadow banned her once again within the same time span of her supporting the farmers. She also said that her account reach has dropped by 70% since a few days as she was being vocal about the recent events that happened. Simi promised that the highlights on her account will not be taken down. 

Further she added that either she has zero reach, nobody can’t stop her from raising her voice for the support of farmers and the ongoing protest. Simi will keep the people updated on her twitter handle if this continues on Instagram. “I don’t care about not gaining any new followers or number of views – guess instagram doesn’t know that”, added Simi Chahal

It is undeniable that we have seen Simi’s regular support and stand for the farmers who are spending day and night for the sake of getting their rights from the government. Nimrat Khaira, Jass Bajwa, Sonia Maan and many other artists from the Pollywood Industry have been supporting the farmers since day one and are holding back in hard times. Nimrat Khaira too denied the offer of the bollywood film Gadar 2 due to Zee and farmers protest issue. 

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Standing together in these tough times is what everyone needs right now and the Pollywood artists are extending their every possible support and help possible. 

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