Simiran Kaur Dhadli Hints At Her Upcoming Track ‘Will Shoot Ya’

Simiran Kaur Dhadli Hints At Her Upcoming Track ‘Will Shoot Ya’

Simiran Kaur Dhadli, without a question the most talked about singers of the recent times, has probably let the public know about her upcoming song. The singer uploaded an Instagram story with the text, “Are you ready for the next?” and also revealed the title of the song, ‘Will Shoot Ya’.

Simiran Kaur’s career reached unprecedented heights earlier this year when her song ‘Barood Wargi’ started trending all over the country. Youtubers, Bollywood celebrities, foreigners, everyone went mad about the song. It wasn’t late when Simiran dropped her next track and it proved to be the turning point in her career.

Lahu Di Awaaz was released by Simiran about a month ago and it brought with itself the biggest controversy of the Punjabi industry this year. Recently the singer-lyricist dropped ‘Baatan Puadh Kiyan’ and now, her Instagram story is giving strong hints about another track ‘Will Shoot Ya’ up her sleeve.

Baatan Puadh Kiyan, her last track, was released just a week ago and the singer has already started dropping hints about her upcoming track. The title of the song is just as ruthless as Simiran’s writing is always. It suggests Simiran is getting her guns ready to ‘shoot’ some people this time, once again.

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While we await an official announcement regarding this song from the singer’s side, there is another song we should be excited about and it is the sequel to none other than ‘Lahu Di Awaaz’. The original song might have been removed from Youtube following a copyright strike by influencer Meetii Kalher, Simiran also has Lahu Di Awaaz 2 planned. She had announced earlier that Lahu Di Awaaz 2 was in its writing process, and it’s been over a month since then. We can also expect an update about that song really soon.

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