Singer Kaptaan Beaten By Public For Alleged Inappropriate Messaging To Girls, Old Video Surfaces

A video recently went viral on social media. It shows Punjabi singer and lyricist Kaptaan being beaten by a group of people, who seem to be unhappy with the artist. Though the video is almost a year old, it has gone viral recently. Kaptaan can also be seen apologizing in the video

Now Kaptaan has reacted to the issue. The artist was subjected to heavy trolling for the issue. But through an instagram story, he cleared the air on the issue. 

The rapper wrote on Instagram story that 10-11 people played some tricks on him almost a year ago and challenged the people to appear before him, who are making the video viral now. He even warned them that he won’t come in groups, but alone.

In the story that followed, Kaptaan announced that he would be coming live on Instagram tonight and talk about everything related to the issue. He labeled them as people who are not happy with his success and are now trying to bring him down by making such old video viral on social media.

Although the video shows that Kaptaan was guilty of messaging girls in a wrong way, there is no clarity as to why Kaptaan was beaten in the old video. Why is it going viral now? Who were the people who beat him in the video and who is making it go viral now? Let’s hope that Kaptaan’s live tonight will be a big one and all the doubts in the public’s mind about the artist will be removed.

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