Single Parent Children Can’t Be Denied For School Admission: Twitter Is All Applause For Delhi Govt For The Move

Delhi government does not let go any move to strengthen the educational infrastructure of the state and their steps are always revolutionary. This time too, the education minister of the capital city of the country, Manish Sisodia took it to twitter to share the revolutionary decision taken by Delhi government in light of the right to education reserved for every child of the country. No school in Delhi can now deny admission to any child with a single parent. The school cannot state the child having only one parent as a reason behind not granting him the right to study at the school.

After Sisodia’s tweet, twitter instantly became an applause hub for the decision :

This is a big step towards promotion of education opportunities and rights to the children. A child cannot be denied the right to acquire education only because he is being parented by a single parent!

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