Sippy Gill Speaks Up On Fake Views On Youtube, Says ‘Don’t Count The Millions’

Sippy Gill Speaks Up On Fake Views On Youtube, Says ‘Don’t Count The Millions’

Fake views are not something we are not familiar with in this modern digital world. It is the practice of buying views by the music label or the artist to increase the view count on their content on Youtube. Punjabi singer Sippy Gill was recently heard making statements about Fake Views.

There have been many artists in the past who have addressed the issue of fake views in the Punjabi Music Industry and Sippy Gill is the most recent. He uploaded a story on his Instagram account talking to Bittu from Blue Stone Media. There are various speculations by the audience regarding how much artists spend on promotion of their songs, and Sippy Gill cleared it in his story.

He revealed that only Rs. 7200 was spent in the promotion and advertising of their most recent song Tittar Phangian featuring Labh Heera. The song is currently trending on #3 on Youtube India. Sippy also went on to add and tell the audience that they should not judge a song on the basis of how many million views it has.

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There have been manier times when artists have been accused of buying fake views. Last year, rapper Badshah was accused of buying fake views worth Rs. 72 Lakh and was questioned by Mumbai’s Crime Branch about it after his song ‘Pagal’ made a record by garnering 75 million views in a single day on Youtube.

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Sippy Gill also said that you can buy as many fake views as you want but only quality content would reach the right audience. The views won’t be organic and wouldn’t be helping increase the reach of the artist among the public.

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