Sippy Gill’s Uncle Blames Joginder Singh Bassi For Maligning His Image And Threatening Him On Radio

Sippy Gill’s Uncle Blames Joginder Singh Bassi For Maligning His Image And Threatening Him On Radio

The Bassi Show Toronto ‘Gaunda Punjab’ is an extremely famous Canadian radio show among the Punjabis. Sippy Gill’s uncle, Sardar Inderjit Singh, has blamed the host of the show, Joginder Singh Bassi, for allegedly maligning his image on radio by making fake allegations against him, without any evidence and threatening him.

Inderjit said that he was informed by one of his knowns that Bassi is taking your name on his show. When he opened the show, he was shocked to see that it was against him. He even texted Bassi to have a chat with him, but Bassi kept on seeing the messages and did not reply to them. When the show ended, he watched it again to see why his name was being included.

The show was about some financial fraud. Inderjit alleged that he was being blamed for doing a financial fraud worth Rs. 10 Lakh. He was also blamed for having connections with gangsters. Extending the blame, Inderjit was again blamed for being involved in illegal activities and that their family was deported from Canada.

In his clarification, Inderjit denied all the allegations and said that they were not deported from Canada, rather they left the country in 2017 themselves, cancelling their own PR. He also said that Joginder Bassi brought a man named Kamaldeep on his show, against whom a legal complaint was registered by an IPS officer, and this man imposed allegations on him too.

He added that the Rs. 10 Lakh fraud he was being blamed for is actually a legal matter and he possesses all the legal documents regarding it. In other words, Inderjit plainly denied all the allegations and counter-accused Bassi for maligning his image and threatening him on radio. Bassi allegedly threatened to handover Inderjit to the Police within two hours. Inderjit questioned the media, “Does he have the right to do so?”

Inderjit stated that he and his family have suffered huge mental and financial loss due to this show. His children are not willing to go out of their homes due to the false allegations imposed on him. “You don’t have the right to misuse your power like that and threaten somebody on a radio tv show, live” said Inderjit.

Sippy Gill also accused the show of discrediting International students by bringing them on the show. The students go to a new country and their mental health is very weak initially due to the financial, social and emotional pressure over them and still the show discredits them, added Sippy. He ensured all such international students that if they are facing similar issues, their lawyer is there to protect their rights.

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