Skater Girl REVIEW: An Overwhelming Sports Drama Movie

The movie starts with a heartwarming scene where the girl named Prerna runs on the streets and pulls her brother who is sitting on a wooden board which is a kind of skateboard. She drops her young brother to school and remains standing at the gate of school and her smile fades.

She didn’t enter the school because of her monetary condition, she doesn’t have money to buy uniforms or books, in addition to this her father wants her to sell peanuts in the market and to do household work.

On the other side, Jessica, a London-based woman visits their village Khempur, to know more about her father’s earlier life. Jessica and her friend introduce skateboarding to village kids. Resultantly, Jessica has to deal with the ruckus created by children in the whole village hence, she tries to settle the things and decides to do something big for the kids so that they can use a new sport to express themselves.

The crew built a skateboard park in the village for the shoot but it will have a huge impact on the villagers. The movie may fade from other people’s minds but Khempur and Rajasthan will remember it till eternity.

The movie also shows the diaphanous cast system and rudimentary thoughts of people.

The movie has beautiful writing, and the protagonist Rachel Saanchita Gupta did an amazing job in her debut movie. Manjari Makijany, the director of the film has presented a straightforward and simple story from a remote village of Rajasthan, it will touch your heart. Another cast of the film includes Shafin Patel, Amy Maghera, Jonathan Readwin, Swati Das Ambrish Saxena, Waheeda Rahman, Ankit Rao.

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