Play This Carry On Jatta 2 Quiz And If You Didn’t Score 13/13, You Have To Call Me ‘Jijuuuuu’

carry on jatta 2 movie quiz

The 2018 released movie, Carry on Jatta 2 is still one of the most amazing entertainer movies of the Punjabi Industry. The movie is one of the most remembered, loved, and superhit movies of the Punjabi Film Industry. Be it its story, starcast, dialogues or anything else, everything about the movie seems so perfect.

And we know how much you love it. Hence, we have prepared this super amazing quiz based on Carry On Jatta 2.

You can only pass it if you are the biggest fan of it. 

  • Question of

    Chhanno was Tony’s wife.

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    What work did Honey used to do?

    • He was an engineer
    • He used to run a marriage bureau
    • He was an electrician
    • He was a clothier
  • Question of

    Sonam Bajwa is the female lead in the movie. She did Preet’s role in Carry On Jatta.

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Jass was Goldy’s ………. .

    • Tenant
    • Cousin
    • Brother
    • Neighbour
  • Question of

    What was Meet’s qualification?

    • MBBS
    • BTech
    • MBA
    • BDS
  • Question of

    Meet wanted a husband who is:

    • Orphan
    • Family Man
  • Question of

    What was the Chamber No. of Advocate Dhillon?

    • 105
    • 107
    • 102
    • 137
  • Question of

    ………. was Meet’s uncle.

    • Mr. Bhullar
    • Mr. Sandhu
    • Billu Bansal
    • Sharan
  • Question of

    Who was the first person to notice that the door gets open every night?

    • Tony
    • Advocate Dhillon
    • Chhanno
    • Goldy
  • Question of

    What excuse did Jass make to convince Meet to go to Canada?

    • Stone in Urinary Bladder
    • Legs get numb
    • Got his hand fractured
  • Question of

    Shipra Goyal along with Gippy Grewal sang this song for the movie.

    • Bhangra Pa Laiye
    • Gabru
    • Carry On Jatta 2
    • Kikli
  • Question of

    Who was Haqim Mangal Chand?

    • BN Sharma
    • Harby Sangha
    • Karamjit Anmol
    • Gurpreet Ghuggi
  • Question of

    Karamjit Anmol played the role of Tony in the movie. What role did he play in the first part?

    • Taaji
    • Aadu

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