How Much You Know About Punjab? A Quiz For True Punjabis

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Wake your mind up because this quiz check your knowledge regarding Punjab and Punjabiyat 

PUNJAB a word that came from the Persian language, which means land of 5 rivers. It is always listened from seniors that Punjab is the land of saints, gurus, poets but do you know that the greater Punjab region was annexed by the British East India Company from the Sikh Empire in 1849 and Punjab is famous for food, for his unique wardrobe, big fat weddings, for sacrifice and many more. Let’s find out how much you know about “Apna Punjab”

  • Question of

    Which festival is started by Guru Gobind Singh Ji

    • Lohri
    • Gurupurab
    • Hola Mohalla
  • Question of

    The Punjabi female dance which is also known as Ring dance

    • Luddi
    • Giddha
    • Jhumar
  • Question of

    Loh Katha written by which poet

    • Shiv Kumar Batalvi
    • Amrita Pritam
    • Avtar Singh Pash
  • Question of

    Which city is known as the city of lights?

    • Ludhiana
    • Jagraon
    • Amritsar
  • Question of

    What is the old name of Punjab?

    • Sapta Sindhu
    • Panj-Ab
    • Sapta-Aba
  • Question of

    During marriage, which song is sung at the bride’s place?

    • Suhaag
    • Ghodian
    • Sithnian
  • Question of

    ‘Guluband’ is a women ornament worn in

    • Head
    • Neck
    • Hand
  • Question of

    ‘Kato’ is a symbol of

    • Happiness
    • Anger
    • Sadness
  • Question of

    In how many parts Punjab was divided in 1966?

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
  • Question of

    Which Sikh guru established the Khalsa Panth?

    • Guru Har Gobind Singh
    • Guru Arjan Dev
    • Guru Gobind Singh

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