On 8 Years Of Lucky Di Unlucky Story, Take This Quiz And Test Your Memory

Today is not like some other casual day for Punjabi Film Industry. Because today is the day when Lucky Di Unlucky Story was released 8 years ago.

Yes, released in 2013, this film has turned 8 today and has entertained thousands of people since then. And to celebrate its beauty we have prepared this special quiz for its fans.

And we are telling you, you will only be able to win this quiz if you have watched Lucky Di Unlucky Story at least 5 times.

This quiz is in collaboration with Vidushi Tomar

  • Question of

    What is Jaswinder Bhalla’s wife’s name in the movie?

    • Sheetal Brar
    • Tulsi Brar
    • Jassi Brar
    • Komal Brar
  • Question of

    How many friends were in the movie?

    • 3
    • 5
    • 4
    • 2
  • Question of

    What is Karamjit Anmol’s relation with Binnu Dhillon in the film?

    • Brother
    • Friend
    • Brother-in-law
    • Assistant
  • Question of

    Who among the four friends had an extra marital affair?

    • Lucky
    • Dimpy
    • Guri
    • Jassi
  • Question of

    ‘365 chilattar naar de, saara saal bande nu maarde’. Nelson Mandela said this saying.

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Where did Lucky meet Seerat for the very first time?

    • In a mall in Thailand
    • Near a metro station
    • On a street in Thailand
    • In a food court
  • Question of

    Why did Seerat visit Thailand?

    • For vacations
    • For research on Thailand tourism
    • To meet Lucky
    • To meet her brother
  • Question of

    What was that token of love which Seerat gave to Lucky?

    • Eiffel Tower
    • Statue of Liberty
    • Taj Mahal
    • Laughing Buddha
  • Question of

    Jaswinder Bhalla aka Guri Brar is Lucky’s _______.

    • Father
    • Friend
    • Brother-in-law
    • Father-in-law
  • Question of

    Who was the tenant in Seerat’s house?

    • Resham Singh Anmol
    • Alfaaz
    • Smeep Kang
    • Roshan Prince
  • Question of

    Where did they all go for the ‘meeting’?

    • Delhi
    • Chandigarh
    • Ludhiana
    • Amritsar
  • Question of

    Who killed Shefi?

    • Lucky
    • Fateh
    • Jassi
    • None
  • Question of

    Who shows up as a special appearance in the movie?

    • Sameksha
    • Karamjit Anmol
    • Jackie Shroff
    • Binnu Dhillon
  • Question of

    Who was Shanti?

    • Binnu’s wife
    • Roshan’s wife
    • Bunty’s wife
    • Bunty’s sister
  • Question of

    Smeep Kang has directed the movie. What role has he played in it?

    • Lucky’s brother
    • Jassi’s brother-in-law
    • Seerat’s brother
    • Dimpy’s Friend

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