Play This Sardaar Ji 2 Movie Quiz & Let Us Know How Much You Remember About The Movie

Have you watched Sardaar Ji 2, If yes? We present you with a few fun questions from the movie. Dare you to score 15/15.

2016 released Sardaar Ji 2 gave us a full dose of laughter and entertainment. It was directed by Rohit Jugraj and its star cast includes Diljit Dosanjh, Monica Gill and Sonam Bajwa. It broke Sardaar Ji’s box office record and received 6 nominations for director, music album, lyrics, and in playback singer category at Punjabi Filmfare awards. Certainly. It was one of the best comedy movies of that year. Its songs like Mitran Da Junction, Poplin and Desi Daaru has been playing on loop for the last 5 years.

Today, we are celebrating 5 years of Sardaar Ji 2 with 15 interesting questions from the movie. It wouldn’t be easy-peasy so buckle up and attempt the questionnaire to prove your love for it!

  • Question of

    Name the vegetable Diljit was holding in his entry scene.

    • Radish
    • Cucumber
    • Carrot
    • Pumpkin
  • Question of

    How many buffalos Jaggi had in the movie?

    • 3
    • 1
    • 2
    • 0
  • Question of

    From which class Diljit sees his angry personality ‘Athra’?

    • 3rd class
    • 5th class
    • 8th class
    • 10th class
  • Question of

    How much money Jaggi needed to pay for the conflicted land?

    • 2 crore
    • 5 crore
    • 1.5 crore
    • 1 crore
  • Question of

    To which country Jaggi moved to save his village?

    • Canada
    • UK
    • America
    • Australia
  • Question of

    Where did Diljit meet the female protagonist?

    • Counsellor
    • Shopping mart
    • Clinic
    • At his relative’s house
  • Question of

    What was the name of the ice cream truck navigator?

    • Preeto
    • Chindo
    • Mano
    • Mindo
  • Question of

    Antagonist was suffering with which pain?

    • Head
    • Arm
    • Neck
    • back
  • Question of

    Jaswinder Bhalla is playing what kind of character?

    • Pathan
    • Sultan
    • nawab
    • Kaptan
  • Question of

    Which instrument Diljit was playing in the ‘Jatt Da Pajama’ song?

    • Guitar
    • Mandolin
    • Sitar
    • Banjo
  • Question of

    What was the name of the Sonam Bajwa’s character?

    • Soni
    • Jasmine
    • Diljot
    • Pinky
  • Question of

    What is the count of Jaggi’s personalities shown in the movie?

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
  • Question of

    What Jaggi pretended to serve in the party that held to honour him?

    • Wine
    • Soft drinks
    • Coffee
    • Tea
  • Question of

    How much Jaggi getting for his contribution in the manure success?

    • 3 lakh dollar
    • 2 lakh dollar
    • 5 lakh dollar
    • 1.5 lakh dollar
  • Question of

    What was the party location’s address which was organised for Jaggi?

    • 486 Longford
    • 496 Landford
    • 496 Longford
    • 486 Landford

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