Snowman Movie Review: Good Attempt Of Suspense Thriller Spoiled By Messy Screenplay

Star CastRana Ranbir, Neeru Bajwa, Jazzy B, Arshi Khatkar
DirectorAman Khatkar
Kiddaan Rating

The Punjabi Film Industry is continuing to entertain its fans with amazing new movies. And the one that has recently been released is Rana Ranbir’s Snowman. This suspense thriller movie wishes to entertain movie buffs who enjoy mysteries and murders on screen. In this Snowman movie review, we have discussed the film in detail. 

With a huge star cast, a suspenseful plot and twists and turns, Snowman has hit the silver screens. But is this film worth your time? Read this Snowman movie review before booking your tickets. This article will help you make up your mind about watching this new Punjabi movie in theaters. From its story to music and dialogue, here is all that you need to know about Snowman. 


As the name suggests, the story of Snowman revolves around a serial killer named Snowman. He has killed a number of innocents and not only the police but the close ones of the killed ones are also after him. As Rana Ranbir is portrayed in the negative role of Snowman, his character keeps building throughout the film, and this helps him to connect with the audience.

As the film Snowman is a suspense thriller, much about the film’s story cannot be revealed here. We don’t wish to spoil your watching experience; hence we can only unveil that in this film, you have to stay completely involved to understand the details. How the police finally succeed in catching Snowman, and if he is killed or escaped in the end, is all the film is about. 

Acting & Performances

We are now heading forward in this Snowman movie review to discuss the acting and performances in the film. This project involves an amazing star cast of brilliant actors like Neeru Bajwa, Jazzy B and Rana Ranbir. Arshi Khatkar on the other hand has marked his acting debut and plays a very pivotal role in the film.

Starting with the lead; Rana Ranbir, the man ruled the screen with his expressions and acting skills. His portrayal as a serial killer was convincing and he was successful in connecting with the audience. But unfortunately, it felt like he was not a good choice to be cast for the negative role. Maybe, we as an audience have watched him so much in comic and positive roles, that it was hard to digest watching him being a serial killer.

Neeru Bajwa played the wife of a man killed by Snowman. She lives by the motive to kill Snowman to take revenge for his husband’s murder. On the other hand, Jazzy B was portrayed in the role of a brave police officer. Both these artists performed well on screen and did justice to their roles. 

Now coming to Arshi Khatkar, the man has marked his entry into the Punjabi Film Industry with Snowman. He played Neeru Bajwa’s brother in the film, and the evolution of his character was one of the major high points in the film. 

Music & Dialogues

So here comes the moment to review two of the major parts of any movie; Music and Dialogues. While writing this Snowman Movie Review, we are sure that the Background music of the film was really good. But at most points, it seemed irrelevant and a bit over. And similar is the case with the film’s songs. They might be good, but their placement in the film’s story was abrupt and was not really required. 

And now coming to the dialogues of Snowman, we can honestly call them average. There were no exceptional dialogues which stood out, but there were definitely some cringeworthy ones. 

Writing & Direction

The story of Snowman is penned by the very talented and acclaimed writer Rana Ranbir himself. And honestly, we feel it was a great attempt to make a suspense thriller, but the film’s screenplay messed up the project. The film is not slow but looks like a platter of mixed-up dishes.

At a point, it becomes difficult to keep up with the story, and what’s happening on the screen. More hard work and effort were required to make the film’s screenplay chaos free. 

On the other hand, we appreciate Aman Khatkar’s direction because the film nowhere felt like losing its grip or slowing down. Though some scenes could have been normalized, for example, the overdramatic introduction of the characters. 


It’s time to finally sum up this Snowman Movie Review by giving you an overall summary. So, there are chances that Snowman will impress and entertain you if you are a hardcore lover of the film’s star cast and Punjabi movies. Not looking for logic and ignoring the loopholes can help you enjoy this film more and more. 

So, we are ending this Snowman Movie Review by concluding this movie indeed was a good try at making a suspense thriller, but the film also includes some loopholes. Snowman might not be the most amazing and perfect thriller, but you can watch the film for Rana Ranbir, it’s brilliant star cast and great cinematography. 

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