Sonakshi Sinha Issues Statement On Her Non-Bailable Warrant. Says, ‘This Is Pure Fiction’

For the last couple of days, Dabangg Actress Sonakshi Sinha has been making the headlines. It started with her morphed wedding picture with Salman Khan and then a Non-Bailable warrant against her. But now, she has come forward and released her official statement about the same. 

First, she cleared out the rumours of the photoshopped pictures and slammed the trollers saying ‘Are You so Dumb’ and now she has issued an official statement on rumours of a non-bailable warrant issued against her. 

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The actress called it a ‘piece of fiction’ adding that it is an attempt to harass her. She said it is a publicity stunt attacking her reputation. Her statement reads that there have been rumours of a non-bailable warrant issued against her floating in the media, without any verification from any authorities for a few days now. “This is pure fiction and the work of a rogue individual trying to harass me.”

The actress further requested all media houses, journalists and news reporters not to carry this fake news as it is playing into this individual’s agenda to gain publicity.

She then added, “This man is purely trying to gain some publicity and extort money from me by attacking my reputation which I have very proudly built over the years, by planting these malicious articles in the media. Kindly do not participate in this harassment charade.” 

This matter is subjudice before the Muradabad court and has been stayed by the Allahabad High Court. Her legal team will be taking all the necessary action against him for contempt of court. This will be her only comment on this matter until the Muradabad Court has passed its verdict. “So please do not approach me for the same.”

She ended the statement and said that she assured everyone that there are no warrants issued against her.

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