Sonakshi Sinha Shared A Post And Raised Voice For The Farmers Protest

Where maximum artists from Bollywood Film industry are supporting the government against the Farmers Bills or keeping mum, there is Sonakshi Sinha on the other hand. 

Bollywood Actress Sonakshi Sinha recently shared a post on her Instagram story, which is about the ongoing farmers protest and a few facts about it.

We all know the reaction of Bollywood on Rihanna’s tweet in favor of the Indian farmers. Celebs like Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Karan Johar, Sunil Shetty and Sachin Tendulkar also dropped their tweets with hashtag #IndiaAgainstPropaganda and #IndiaTogether.

But the post which Sonakshi shared on Instagram says,

“Before you have the misfortune of hearing Arnab condemn Rihanna, Greta or other ‘outsiders’ for commenting on India’s internal issues tonight,

Here’s something you should know.”

“Sure, they might not know the details of the 3 bills or the nitty-gritty’s of our farming sector.

But THAT is not the only concern.”

“The voices raised are about the violation of human rights, suppressions of free internet and expression, state propaganda, hate speech and abuse of power.”

“While news and media will have you think that these are outsider forces trying to control the functioning of our country, you must remember that these are not alien species but fellow humans who are speaking up for the rights of other humans.

These are TWO different debates.

You can have differences of opinions on policy, law and it’s implications.

But don’t let that difference play into the other debate, which is about human rights and freedom.”

“Journalists are being harassed.

Internet has been banned.

Protestors are being vilified though state and media propaganda.

Hate speech (desh ke gaddaro ko goli maro sardaro ko resurfaced) is flourishing.

THAT is the issue that’s taken global centrestage.”

“It’s the same narrative oppressors weave all the time.

Domestic violence at home is ‘ghar ki baat’,

“Tum kaun hote ho hamare andar ke maamlo mein bolene waale.”

Because the oppressors fears a free thinking mind that is not dependent on them and will always try to paint their influence as interference.”

“To re-iterate,

News tonight will try to paint a picture that ‘outside forces’ are trying to meddle in the functioning of our country.

Please don’t give into that narrative.

It’s human, standing up for other humans.

THAT’s the narrative.”

Here is link to the post, Sonakshi shared,

We aren’t sure where this protest is heading towards but we believe the people who are fighting for their rights and what is right should always be supported.

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