Sonam Bajwa In The UK To Shoot For Boo Call By Sidhu Moose Wala?

The shooting for Sidhu Moosewala’s upcoming album Moosetape is in full swing. The first schedule of the shoot took place in Dubai. Shortly after, the team arrived at the UK to complete the shooting process. The latest photos in the air suggest that Punjabi actress Sonam Bajwa has also arrived at the UK, probably to shoot for the music video of the song “Boo Call” going to feature in Moosetape.

Video Director Sukh Sanghera uploaded an Instagram post alongside Sonam Bajwa and Sidhu Moosewala to give fans the hint. The duo is a hit pair, as their history suggests. They have together appeared in the song “ Jatti Jeone Morh Wargi “ featured in the movie Ardab Mutiyaran.

If the rumors are true, it means that Sidhu also wants his album to drop as soon as possible. He is working on the music videos, one after the other. News about shooting for Moosetape underway gives the fans a glimmer of hope that Moosetape will drop soon. 

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