Sonam Bajwa Seen At A Shoot Of A Commercial ‘Eternity’

Janik Rai, reputed director, shared a few moments in the form of pictures from the sets of an upcoming project titled ‘Eternity’ on his Instagram account. The commercial has been written and directed by Janik and is meant for a Jewelry Company, A.C.C. Jewellers.

The project ‘Eternity’ stars the elegant Punjabi diva, Sonam Bajwa. Jan Klompje, the cinematographer, made sure that every shot on the commercial looks perfect. It has been created in a way to narrate a story of a family tradition, a legacy that gets passed on through jewelry. The Jewelry Company for which the commercial has been created, A.C.C. Jewellers is based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

The director, Janik Rai’s most notable directorial works include directing the intro of the album BacThafu*UP by none other than Karan Aujla. The intro has garnered over 8.5 million views on Youtube in a span of 1 month. 

Janik Rai also announced through his Instagram stories that the Behind-the-Scenes production for the Eternity is also coming soon, by Mitchell Cook. He expressed that he is very excited for this commercial as he’s done a lot of work on making it as exquisite as it could.

The release date of the project hasn’t yet been announced but Janik informed through another one of his Instagram stories that the release date will be announced soon. 

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