Sonam Bajwa’s fake chat going viral! Warns cheap Trolls.

Social media is never always a blessing for all, this is proved by a recent incident when Sonam herself shared a post on her Instagram, bashing the ones who are sharing her fake chat on popular pages.

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She said there are posts that show a photoshopped chat from Sonam’s official Instagram account which is going viral on social media to defame Sonam. This is not the first time when Social Media has become a source of defamation for one. Social media bullying and hate are very common these days where thousands of people are suffering due to the minimum actions and least solutions for the problem.

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There is no specific legislation that provides for the specific cyberbullying laws in India however provisions such as Section 67 of the Information Technology Act deals with cyberbullying in a way. Section 67 of the act prescribes punishment for publishing or transmitting obscene material in electronic form for a term which may extend to five years and also with fine which may extend to ten lakh rupees. Along with relevant sections of IPC regarding defamation and attacking of modesty of women may apply.

And when it happens with a reputed celebrity like Sonam, it is even worse, because Sonam is an extremely popular personality who is an idol and influencer for many. Hence, choosing Sonam for this type of fake activity increases the possibilities to affect the mass at once. In such a case, even if this was supposed to be a joke or meme, this type of posts defaming a celebrity’s personal image is really not acceptable.

Support has poured in from various celebrities and Instagram pages that promote neat and clean content:

Simran Kaur Mundi:


Jatinder Nagra:

Punjabi Tashan:

She has requested her fans to report the accounts if they come across any such post showing a fake chat from Sonam’s account. We hope Sonam’s this post has already reached the ones playing these dirty games and they have learned their required lesson too. Cyberbullying reporting doesn’t always land well and being a celeb people often avoid getting into any such controversy, but Sonam’s brave spirit clearly shows she is a real-life ARDAB MUTIYAAR and isn’t going to tolerate such trolls.

We at KIDDAAN support Sonam Bajwa and promote #CyberBullyingShouldStop.

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