Sonampreet Bajwa To Sonam Bajwa : The Journey Of Taking Over The Punjabi Industry

Sonampreet Bajwa To Sonam Bajwa : The Journey Of Taking Over The Punjabi Industry

When you have achieved what you wanted in your life, and have a look at the humble beginnings, it is sure to hit you hard with nostalgia. The day all this began, the day you decided to forget about everything and live for your dreams, the day you found a purpose to your life and for an actor, their very first audition is this day. 

Sonam Bajwa is without a question, one of the biggest names in the Punjabi film industry. She stars in a movie and it is already a super hit. Here’s a video, filled with heavy doses of nostalgia, of the very first audition of the actress. It was the day Punjabi industry got one of its finest actors. 

She might not be the famous Sonam Bajwa we know today, but the glimpse of a great actor in making is surely visible in her. She plays Megha, who visits the wedding of her ex, Sahil and the performance she delivers is enough to tell you that the girl is a born-actress. Whether it’s acting self obsessed, jealous, taunting or just hot, she’s got it all since day one.

The audition gave Punjabi industry an actor to be proud of. The unshakable determination, talent and hard work has helped Sonam Bajwa fix her position well and totally different from others in the industry. She started her acting career with the 2013 movie, Best Of Luck and then began the journey of countless awards, accolades, appreciation and winning over millions of hearts. 

The actress then went on to work in many Hindi and Tamil films too, along with Punjabi. She’s starred in some of the biggest hits of the industry. Sonam has a long list of projects to come this year. She’s set to play the lead lady in the Diljit Dosanjh and Shehnaz Gill starrer Honsla Rakh on 15 October. The unseen video of her first audition is not only a nostalgia flooded clip, but also a motivation for all the people working hard day and night to achieve their dreams. Everyone starts from 0, but the one who starts, never ends up with the same number. 

Watch the video here :

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