Sony Maan Blames Lakha Sidhana’s Men For Firing Bullets Outside Her House!

Sony Maan’s latest song, ‘Sun Tatta Tatta’ penned down by Happy Bandale Wala has turned out to be an unexpected blast! The song has put out a face of today’s society in the most hard-hitting way possible. However, the song has also used images of various personalities and real-life incidents to support the lyrics and it has turned out to be a problem-creator for Sony Maan.

Recently, the singer alleged that a group of men came outside their house and fired shots! They threatened Sony Maan’s family. The singer blamed Lakha Sidhana for the incident and put serious allegations against him and his men. 

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According to the singer, her latest song Sun Tatta Tatta used Lakha Sidhana’s picture in a part. Lakha Sidhana asked Sony to remove the pictures, which the singer denied. This outraged Lakha and he sent his men to threaten Sony Maan’s family and fire bullets outside her house, this was what Sony Maan had to say on the situation.

Later the artist went on to put up an Instagram story, thanking god for saving her family from the bullets. She asked the audience what was so wrong in her song that it has outraged people to such an extent that they are ready to fire shots at her family. 

Lakha Sidhana has a controversial history. The gangster-turned-social worker was very active during the farmers’ protest. He was also one of the main accused for the 26 January, 2021 Republic Day violence at the Red Fort. Recently, he was reportedly detained by Punjab Police from Punjabi University Patiala.

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Though Sony Maan’s latest song Sun Tatta Tatta has mostly been praised by the audience for its bold and factual writing, the song hasn’t gone well with everyone! A part of the audience is still not happy with the song and are pointing out various objectionable content used in either the lyrics or the music video of the song. 

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