South African Comedian Trevor Noah Comes Out In Support Of The Farmer’s Protest

The talk of today, the protests that have got world talking about India, the biggest protest in human history, the fight between farmers and the government, the history in making, The Farmer’s Protest of 2020-2021 have added a huge chapter to future history records. The whole world is watching how the biggest democracy in the world settles with the biggest protest in the world. Everyday is a different day for the protest and brings the world a new news, global pop stars, world leaders etc. daily come out in support of the protest.

It is a prominent South African comedian this time that has extended his support and raised a voice for the Indian farmers. Trevor Noah, the host of the Daily Show, an American satirical news programme on Comedy Central. The comedy show has a huge reach among the American audience. The comedian brought the issue of farmer’s of India to his show and talked about what is going on in India. Instead of dropping a single tweet to just show support to the protest, Noah took it to reporting and explained everything in detail for the audience to know he is supporting the event and Why. This helps the audience of the show to actually know why the protest in India is gaining global support and why do they need it.

The situation in India hasn’t improved yet. Farmers are still on the roads. Fighting for the repeal of the three agricultural laws and the government is still in search of a solution. Over 160 people have given their lives for the cause and this hasn’t yet helped in finding any common ground between the parties.

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