Squid Game Live: All You Need To Know About The Real-Life Squid Game Inspired Event Taking Place In The UK

Squid Game Live: All You Need To Know About The Real-Life Squid Game Inspired Event Taking Place In The UK

We are sure all of you must’ve watched Netflix’s latest web series ‘Squid Game’. Squid Game has gone on to break records! In just 9 days of its release, it was already the number 1 Netflix show in over 90 countries all around the world and Netflix even said that it is on its way to become the most successful show on the platform ever!

The interesting theme is obviously the reason behind the show’s unimaginable success but if you thought that ‘Squid Game’ could not happen in real-life, we have news for you that will leave you astounded! Squid Game is happening for real and the United Kingdom is hosting it.

A real-life Squid Game-based event is going to be held in the UK where contestants who sign up for the show, will be put through a series of 5 difficult rounds of mystery mental and physical challenges, just like the show! The show is called ‘Squid Game Live’.

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The one thing that pushes the contestants in the Netflix series to come back to play, even after knowing the reality of the game, was ‘money’. The winner of the game was to be rewarded with a cash prize of 4.6 billion Won, roughly equivalent to Rs. 30 crore. But in the real-life game, the amount on the line is much less than in the show, £500, or about Rs. 50,000. Is that a deal-breaker?

Relax! We know what you’re thinking about! No, no you won’t be killed if you lose in any of the rounds. The elimination would simply mean you’re out of the game, not of the world. But, the contestants will be required to sign a ‘medical disclosures’ to prove that they are fit to participate in the event.

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There will also be a security staff, just like the guards in the show. However we are not sure if they will be wearing those spooky outfits or masks. To stay true to its inspiration, the contestants taking part in the game will also be kept in the dark about where the event is taking place. According to organisers Universal Ents, the players will be picked up by a coach from a meeting point in the North West England, from where they will be taken to a remote location.

There are many more mysteries yet to be revealed about the show! The first round will be taking place on 27 November, 2021. Anybody can apply for it by filling this simple form here: Apply For Squid Game Live

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