Sri Lanka’s Economy Will ‘Collapse’ If No New Govt In 2 Days: Central Bank

Amidst the high economic crisis and the resignation of Sri Lankan PM Rajapaksa, the people have been suffering due to high inflation and non-availability of a lot of things, which resulted in a clash between the anti and pro-government protestors recently. As per the media reports, one MP of the ruling party lost his life. 

The Rajapaksa brothers have been the focus of nationwide protests for several weeks. Demonstrators blame them for mismanaging an economic crisis that’s led to months of fuel and food shortages, rolling blackouts and soaring inflation. The Indian Ocean island nation is in bailout talks with the International Monetary Fund, and has also received loans from India and China.

Sri Lankan authorities deployed armored vehicles and troops on the streets of the capital on Wednesday, two days after pro-government mobs attacked peaceful protesters, triggering a wave of violence across the country.

Due to this crisis, the whole country is suffering. The central bank chief on Wednesday has said that 

“Sri Lanka’s economy will collapse beyond redemption’ unless a new government is appointed within two days to restore political stability”.

“If there is no government in the next two days, the economy will completely collapse and no one will be able to save it,” Central Bank of Sri Lanka Governor Nandalal Weerasinghe told the media personnel in Colombo.

His remarks came as a stark reminder of the dire situation of the island’s economy, crashing after a much-neglected Balance of Payments issue over the last two years led to a severe dollar crunch. The country is preoccupied with violent clashes and unrest this week, triggered by Mahinda Rajapaksa supporters who attacked peaceful protesters demanding the ruling clan’s resignation over the economic crisis.

Subsequently, Mr. Rajapaksa stepped down from Premiership, and the Cabinet stands dissolved constitutionally, with just the President at the helm and no Opposition party willing to work under him unconditionally.

The parties, civil society groups, and student organisations have come up with specific proposals that include President Gotabaya’s resignation and the abolition of executive presidency.

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