Remember Sikh Guys Protecting Store From Thief? DA Issues Statement On The Incident

On Tuesday, prosecutors from the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office announced that the charges against two 7-eleven employees from the Stockton will be dropped and they will not be pursuing any charges against them. A video went viral in which these two employees were seen assa@lting the robbery suspect with stick.

Ron Freitas, San Joaquin County District attorney said “The Stockton 7-11 Store Clerks are not and have never been suspects of the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office”. He added, “Any investigation going forward is to hold accountable the individual who threatened and attempted to rob them.”

The store is located on the South Centre street across the Department headquarters of the Stockton police. 

On July 28, the police received a report at 3:41 am from the employee of 7-eleven that a suspect has entered the store, he went behind the counter and is threatening to shoot if someone intervenes. 

The 42 year old suspect is identified as Tyrone Frazier. He took several boxes of cigarettes and other stuff, put them in a garbage bag and then fled. 

Frazier alleged came back for the another robbery the next day on July 29. At 12:27 am, the employee reported the police that the robber has come back and is demanding money now. It was also alleged that he has a handgun. 

However the employee did not comply with the request and Frazier picked up some items, placed them in the garage bag and left. 

As per the police, they reached the store 2 minutes after the incidents were reported but by the time they reached, the suspect had already be gone. 

A third robbery also occurred but this time the police wasn’t informed. The whole incident was recorded in a viral video. 

In the video it was seen that Frazier had covered his face with blue covering and he was pushing the cans around and was throwing several items into the cans. 

After a minute, when Frazier pushes the can away, the store employee tried to stop him while the other one grabbed a stick and started beating him. 

The robber kept yelling “Ok! Ok!”.

At around 3:05 am on July 29, police officers met with the firefighters to help a man on the streets who was asking for medical aid and was complaining about the pain in his leg and shoulder. 

He was Immediately taken to the hospital and at that time, police said it wasn’t sure that the man was connected to the string of robberies or he was just a victim of assualt. 

However on August 3, the police connected the dots and linked the man who asked for help from the firefighters to the suspect in the viral video. Frazier was arrested on August 7 in connection to vandalism and robbery of 7-eleven store. 

Frazier has been charged with felony and $750k bail fine.

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