STF Has Started Investigation Against Ranjit Bawa Citing ‘Drug Dealer Gurdeep Rano Connection’ Complaint

Punjabi singer and actor Ranjit Bawa has landed in troubles after his pictures with ‘Gurdeep Rano’ went viral. Gurpreet Rano is an international drug dealer who was recently arrested by Special Task Force, Punjab. And recently Advocate Ashok Sareen Hicky, who is also the vice president of BJP Punjab Yuva Morcha has demanded for a serious investigation against Ranjit Bawa.

He claims that Bawa’s picture with the international drug peddler symbolizes that he is connected with him. He also added that Ranjit has used Rano’s farmhouse for shooting also, and it was an official deal then he must have some proof of transaction of the rent. He also stated that Ranjit Bawa shot the video of ‘Sarkara Hi Vikaundia Ne Chitta’ with Rano’s money. 

Ashok Sareen was summoned by STF on Thursday where he recorded his statement, and afterwards he also interacted with media where he revealed that he had also sent a copy of the complaint to the Enforcement Directorate. And he also added that while the investigation was on, they found out the involvement of various politicians, police and civilians in the same case. Expressing his concern for it, Sareen said,

“Thousands of young lives have been lost due to the drug intake. Even today, everyday youth is dying due to the overdose of drugs, and even the Punjab government and Punjab Police have failed to stop this. There should be an investigation against Ranjit Bawa for visiting Gurdeep Rane’s home, farmhouse, pictures and everything else.” 

For now, singer Ranjit Bawa has not made any official comment or remark on this viral news. He is currently busy shooting abroad, and he might be called for investigation once he is back. 

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