Shubh’s ‘Still Rollin’ Deleted From YouTube Due To Unknown Copyright Strike!

The popular Punjabi singer Shubh is one of the most loved and appreciated artists in the industry. His fan following is increasing with every passing day as the young artist is growing to earn name, fame and recognition internationally. But currently the artist is in utmost surprise as the video of his latest song ‘Still Rollin’ has been deleted from YouTube. 

Shubh who is known for his superhit and chartbusters songs like We Rollin, Elevated, No Love and more had recently released his latest album called ‘Still Rollin’. The artist has made his debut in the trend of releasing albums with ‘Still Rollin’. And after his single track Offshore and Still Rollin’s Dior, now the title track of his debut album ‘Still Rollin’ has been suddenly taken down from YouTube. 

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A person named ‘Gursharan Sandhu’ has claimed copyright on the song and as a result the official video of the song has been removed from YouTube.

As someone tries to open the song through its link, the notice reads, ‘This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Gursharan Sandhu’. 

For now, the reasons behind the act are unknown. Also, Shubh has not reacted to the news yet, but the star singer is expected to release an official statement on the same. 

On the other hand, Gursharan Sandhu, the man behind the copyright strike has also not made any public comment regarding the same and has not opened up about the reason behind deleting Shubh’s song. 

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Earlier, Shubh’s ex-music producer Thiara Jatt had also hit copyright strikes against songs ‘Offshore’ and ‘Dior’. Although, the songs are now back on YouTube. And not only this, some days ago, the entire album ‘Still Rollin’ was taken down from Spotify, which was later recovered and made available on the music streaming platform. 

Now, coming back to Shubh’s latest album ‘Still Rollin’, the album consisted of a total of 7 songs. Apart from the title track Still Rollin, the other tracks of the album are Ice, Cheques, OG, Ruthless, Dior and The Flow. 

The album was released on all platforms on 19 May 2023 and is continuously impressing the fans and audience. 

The fans of Shubh are waiting for the title track of Still Rollin to be back on YouTube and extending their support to the popular singer.

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