Moh: This Story Was Earlier Underestimated! Reveals Jagdeep With Film’s Astonishing Poster

The people who are real fans of Punjabi cinema are also fans of Jagdeep Sidhu. The man has broken the glass of making comedy movies, by proving intense love stories can also work, and actually do wonders if made in Punjabi. Qismat, Sufna, Qismat 2 and Lekh are some movies that have marked his best work. 

And now, he is soon going to entertain his fans with his upcoming movie Moh. The film is going to release on 23 September and has kept the audience waiting and super excited. It will star Sargun Mehta and Gitaz Bindrakhia in the leading roles. 

Recently Jagdeep unveiled the first look and official poster of the upcoming movie which has grabbed everyone’s eyes. The poster features intense crying close-up shots of Sargun and Gitaz.

The dark and intense poster of Moh is enough to represent that the film is going to be another romantic-emotional drama and we will need to keep tissues handy while watching it. But apart from this, did you notice the long note Jagdeep has shared as a caption?

The note is actually the real story behind the making of Moh. Jagdeep has shared his note dedicated to Shiv Tarsem Singh and Govind Singh. And these two men are the creators of this awaited story. 

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Jagdeep has penned the incident starting from the time when he received a call in November 2019. The people on the other side of the call said that had written a story and wanted Jagdeep to hear it. To this, Jagdeep reacted and told them to first make the story at least 100 pages long, then he will consider it. Jagdeep then received a second call from the same people in January 2020. The people said they have written a 120 page long story and now, Jagdeep has to meet them to keep his word. 

It was during the success of Sufna, and Jagdeep wished to spend some quality time alone. The director has also confessed that he did not want to appear for this meeting, but when he finally met the two people, their looks made him confident that this meeting is not going to last more than 30 minutes. 

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But little did Jagdeep know that he would be gripped by the story for four long hours. Yes, when Tarsem and Govind began to narrate the story, Jagdeep sat with them for 4 hours and ended up loving it.

And what happened next is all in front of us. Moh is ready and will soon meet us all in theaters. It was earlier announced to release on 23 September, but the film’s latest poster only states, ‘Releasing in September’ which means there can be some difference in its release date. 

But no matter what, we are really very excited about this one. Not only its star cast and director but the real story of how Jagdeep was convinced to make this film has made us have super high expectations from this one.

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