Story Of 1947 Wali Masjid Is True Spirit Of Sikh-Muslim Unity

“Ikko Malak De Bande Aa, Ki Sardar Te Ki Mohammad”. These lines by Tarsem Jassar feel like they have been brought to life with this incident. The story of 1947 Wali Masjid, which had been completely dismantled by time, will awaken the humanity inside you.

1947 Wali Masjid (mosque) was completely deserted and not in a condition for the people to visit and pray. The masjid did not even call the azan for the Muslims of the region because of the lack of infrastructure and poor condition of the building. Since 1947, it has been completely inactive.

‘Angels are just ordinary people, that make us believe in miracles again’, the quote suits perfectly for the 1947 Wali Masjid. Khan Saab, a famous Punjabi singer, who sang one of the most memorable Punjabi songs ever ‘Zindagi Tere Naal’, gave the first call to Azan in the historical masjid on the 29th of April. 

When nothing could help the masjid, Khan Saab came forward as an angel to help. The artist got the golden opportunity to call the Azan on the microphone in the masjid after almost 73 years.

The masjid had been completely damaged. The condition of the mosque was so bad that the roof would start dripping water during rain. But all it takes to fix such things is a good heart and Khan Saab and the people of the region had it.

Now the whole masjid is being renovated, the roofs are being fixed and any damages to the masjid are also being fixed. The masjid is being given a complete makeover.

In addition to this, the exhibition of Sikh-Muslim solidarity that is taking place in the region is so influential. Along with Khan Saab and the people of the nearby region, the gurdwara is also coming forward to help the masjid.

And a beautiful gesture by the gurdwara Sahib’s pathi ji will take your heart away. Whenever the masjid starts calling out the Asan, the Gurdwara’s Pathi Ji lowers his speaker volume so that the Azan can be heard better.

It is so inspiring how the two completely different religions with countless differences, decide to stand for each other for just one similarity between all the differences, and that is humanity. 

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