Storyteller Shweta Trends On Social Media

Who doesn’t like stories? We all do! But what about detailed stories during lectures? No, we aren’t talking about the boring stories in between the lectures. No matter we do gossip a little in between a lecture to level down the boredom we are experiencing.  But Shweta is the one who took gossip to a different level. We are trying to discuss the current trending Storyteller Shweta. #Shweta is trending in India on Social Media. 

Did you also come across the viral video of Shweta? Yes we did too! 

A video clip is currently going viral on social media, which shows a Zoom conference call going on, possibly from a lecture in which more than100 people are included. We all can listen to a girl ‘Shweta’ who is discussing some very interesting gossip with her friend Radhika. 

While all others kept telling her to turn her microphone off, on the other side is bravo Shweta who probably has no idea that she is audible to all. The people present on the Zoom conference call were continuously telling her, “Shweta please turn off your mic”, “Shweta mic on hai!!!” and stuff like that; we can hear others giggling and laughing as well.

If you haven’t yet watched the video, let us help you with the link…

If you have got time for a little more entertainment, you must check out the latest memes on Twitter under the trending hash tag #Shweta.

This definitely is a video of the day, as it has entertained the entire internet unexpectedly.

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