Struggle, Failures & Diversity! Here Is Kapil Sharma’s Career Graph Showing How He Rose To Fame

Comedian Kapil Sharma became a household name through his amazing sense of humor and comedy show The Kapil Sharma Show. But behind all this success that he’s earned, there is a story that not everyone is aware of. His journey to stardom is not only inspiring but also heart winning. The name of Kapil Sharma lives in the hearts of millions of people today. 

The popular comedian’s journey includes tales and turns which are unbelievably true. Hence you need to know that all what Kapil has earned today is exactly what he deserved. His journey from rags to riches is something one should not miss reading. So, if you are not familiar with the same, read further to know about his struggle and career graph. 

Here Is The Success Story Of Kapil Sharma

Worked In Phone Booth

Kapil Sharma who came from a middle-class family completed his education at the Hindu college of Amritsar. But before his graduation, he had worked at a PCO booth. While working in the booth, he was studying in class 10 and to make up for the pocket money he had to work there. 

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Worked In Printing Mill

Further, after completing his 10th, he decided to work somewhere and then he got to know that  factories needed laborers because all the migrant workers went back home. He then went to the printing mill and worked there. His first salary was merely Rs 1500 and for two months he got Rs 2700.

Tried Luck In Singing

This fact is no more a secret that Kapil can sing as well. But do you know Kapil Sharma has tried his hands in singing professionally as well? He was fond of singing since childhood and he used to sing in school and college. Then, he also got a job as a backup singer and he started his musical career as a backup singer for singer Amrinder Gill. Also, he revealed that he tried his luck in singing by auditioning for Indian Idol. However, Sharma could not get through the auditions. 

Not only this, but the talented artist has also participated in Zee TV’s music reality show Star Ya Rockstar. And his vocals impressed the audience which made him the runner up in the competition. Also, his father knew many musicians and this helped him to get introduced to them. His father wanted Kapil to do something big or maybe creative in life. 

Failed Mumbai Trip

After the completion of his college, Sharma first came to Mumbai for three months with his friends. He would roam around Juhu Beach looking out for directors in search of work. They didn’t have enough money so they slept at the stations and even got beaten by the police. But he never got any chance to meet with any directors. And his three trips turned into a failure.

Participated In Laughter Challenge

Slowly and steadily, Kapil realized that he wanted to pursue stand up comedy and for this, he participated in the ‘Laughter Challenge’. When he went to the audition in Amritsar, he got rejected. However, the selection of one of his childhood friends motivated him to continue his pursuit.

He then went for the auditions held in Delhi where he was fortunately selected. Kapil became the winner of this show in 2007 and won Rs 10 lakh worth prize money at the age of 26. He also participated in Comedy Circus and went on to win six seasons of the show. 

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And then the day came which changed the life of a struggling artist. As the stand-up comedian got his first television break for a show, “Hasde Hasande Ravo”, on a Punjabi channel MH-1 in 2005. Since this show, there’s no looking back for the artist. He then participated in various comedy shows. 

Comedy Nights With Kapil

After receiving a good amount of attention from fans, he then decided to invest all his money in launching his own production house ‘K9 Productions’. And with this he produced a renowned show for himself called, ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ in collaboration with Colors Channel’. Soon, this show became a success and gained immense popularity. 

Worked In Movies

Kapil then stepped into Bollywood with his hit film “Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karoon.” For that, he won several awards including ITA Guild. It was clear evidence that whatever he was touching turned to gold. Then he came up with another film ‘Firangi’ which is one of the most anticipated films among the audience. But unfortunately, the film didn’t do well at the box office.

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The Unexpected Downfall

But there was a time when his successful show also was shut down and faced troubles due to some behavioral controversy. Due to this, he also got depressed and netizens thought that it was the end of his career. 

The Comeback Of Comedy King

After all these problems in his professional and personal life, Kapil proved everyone wrong and came back with a stronger version of him. With a new season of his popular show, ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, he again raised his career graph and proved to everyone that, ‘I’m Not Done Yet’. 

Kapil undoubtedly has managed to garner mass popularity with his spontaneous comic timing and charm on the small screen. Kapil Sharma who is now known as The Comedy King of India has gone through a journey which not only is inspiring but has become the ‘golden memories’ of Kapil’s life.

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