Student Kota Episode 1 Review: A Powerful & Heart-Touching Story Of International Students With Bouquet Of Mixed Emotions

Punjabi Web Series ‘Student Kota’ is now finally released on ‘Vibe Punjabi’ Official Youtube Channel. Directed by Anmol Sartaj, written by Aman Rouli and produced by Prabh Jossan and Anmol Sartaj, Student Kota is the first-ever Punjabi web series on the lives of international students.

The first episode introduces us to Harry, Prabh, Aman, Devender Benipal and Rommy. The story starts when an international student accidentally drops his personal diary on the road and Devender Benipal, a TV show host finds it. He narrates the story on his talk show and this begins a rollercoaster ride that millions of international students like you, will relate to. 

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Prabh and Harry have just landed in Canada and they’re sharing their room in the basement with Aman. While having a walk, Aman and Harry find Rommy, a struggling international student, and he becomes their 4th roommate. You will have to watch the first episode, now available on Youtube, to know the whole story.

The young and raw starcast of Student Kota won the game right from the point they decided to make a web series on the struggles of international students. The International Students Community is one community that we all have thousands of doubts about. Some of us aspire for their life thinking they chill all day in Canada making dollars, while some are aware of the struggles they have to go through.

The camerawork and direction has also been good throughout the episode. The best thing about Student Kota is its brilliant story-telling, the soul of any cinematic piece. No matter how good, a movie or web series cannot be successful if the audience does not connect to it, which is not the case with Student Kota. The story is presented so well that you feel a deep sense of emotional connection to the characters and the story itself.

Student Kota is an attempt by a group of international students themselves, to bring out the real stories of the life of an international student in Canada. The first episode ‘Landing’ was filled with emotions. It will make you laugh, enjoy and cry at the same time. 

The first episode has taken us on a ride that we have no idea will head where, but we know that it’s going to be an interesting one. Kudos to the team for bringing out these stories for the audience.

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