Student Kota First Look Review: Get Ready To Witness The Hardships Of International Students

Student Kota First Look Review: Get Ready To Witness The Hardships Of International Students

We have all heard about the miserable lives of international students but have never actually experienced it. The wait is finally over! Vibe Punjabi is here with the first ever official Punjabi web series on the lives of international students.

The first look of the web series has already been revealed and the trailer is expected to be released soon. The web series, first of its kind, is centered around the lives of international students, the hardships they’ve to face on and off college, the struggle with multiple shifts, sleepless nights, tiring days and everything!

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This is for the first time that the audience is going to witness a visual representation of the lives of international students in a cinematic experience. The first look has already made the audience want to see more of the web series. The voiceover, done by Anmol Sartaj, has pure feelings in it. The web series is also directed by Anmol himself.

Aman Rouli has written the soul, the script, of the web series. The best thing about this web series is that no actor from the cast is a trained or professional actor. All of them are international students, living their daily lives in Canada and are here to narrate their own stories by the way of this series. 

Harkomal Sidhu, Jasmehak Kaur, Karman Kaur, Nimrat Dhindsa, Sunny Sahauran, Manmeet Maan, Harry Gujjar, Chetanpreet Singh, Aman Rouli, Prabh Jossan, Kulwinder Singh, Sheena Pawa along with some guest experiences make up the decorated cast of the series

This just makes the web series much more special. It is not made on the basis of assumptions or stereotypes, the students have put forward their very own feelings and experiences. As for the first look, it seems like the team has put in great effort to leave no stones unturned in making everything about this series perfect. The web series is produced by one of the actors, Prabh Jossan, who is a popular Punjabi vlogger in Canada and has over 57,000 subscribers on Youtube. 

The life of an international student is filled with hardships. We’ve always heard about this and now, we are finally going to have a look into it. 

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