Babbu Maan Starrer New Punjabi Movie ‘Sucha Soorma’ Announced

Renowned Punjabi singer and actor Babbu Mann is very well known for delivering some of the most phenomenal movies and superhit songs in the history of punjabi film industry. Babbu Maan was also awarded the ‘Daf BAMA Music Awards’ for the “Best Male Artist” and the “Best Punjabi Act”.

And these days the popular actor is busy shooting for his forthcoming film, which is set to be released this year. The Babbu Maan Starrer Punjabi movie is titled ‘Sucha Soorma’ and is a biographical film.

After the release of his song ‘Ashique Mizaj’, now Babbu Maan will be seen performing the lead character as  ‘Sucha Soorma’ in the movie, which chronicles the life of ‘Sucha Singh Soorma’. For now the dates are kept under the cover but the team announced that they will soon inform about the date.

 ‘Sucha Soorma’ was a  folk legend and his story is a part of popular Punjabi folktales. He was an Indian dacoit and serial killer. It is said that Sucha Singh killed her sister- in- law who had an extra marital affair with ‘Ghukkar’. Ghukkar was the best friend of Sucha Singh but to restore the family honor Sucha Singh killed both of them.

The biographical film is directed by Amitoj Maan and is written by Gurpreet Ratol. ‘Jag Singh’ and ‘Sameksha’ are other popular actors who will be seen working along with Babbu Maan in the film.

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